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Informix Marketing Request List (Last Updated: 21 Oct 2006)
Marketing Request When Whom Action taken by IBM
We use open source technolgogy extensively particularly hibernate and jboss.
We are a big informix user and one of the things I have noticed which the developers are always complaining about is that informix is not supported by the developer hibernate team (see supported databases by hibernate development team).
Now we don't see many issues with hibernate but feel that IBM could maybe work with the hibernate team to get them to support it.
Currently hibernate is only supported by the community (see supported databases by the hibernate community) which is obviously a big help but people use the fact that its not supported by the developer team that it is a dying database and we obviously know different.
Talk/work with SAP & Baan for a migration path from Peoplesoft. This would enable those facing a forced migration from Informix or DB2 to Oracle a way to stay on their database of choice.
[1] Focus more on the Linux platform. This platform has the highest growth rate. Informix on Windows is almost dead, not worth the effort of porting to this platform. MS sql server will dominate windows more and more. Ship an IDS developer version with the major linux distributions like Suse or RedHat.
[2] Write tutorials and instructions how to configure and optimise Informix on Linux.
[3] Show developers how to connect to IDS from common script languages like perl, php, python or ruby.
[4] Show the value of datablades.
[5] Show people how to accomplish high availability with IDS on Linux, HDR is a real good technology for this.
09-Feb-2006 anonymous 03-Mar-2006
[3] Excellent Database Interfaces for Perl, PHP, and Python are already available. A bracing new article about the combination of the Google Maps API, PHP and IDS has been published on developerWorks. This is a good start.
[2]Another good article about installing/configuring IDS on Linux has been published on developerWorks.
A strong push in the academic community and amoung college students is needed. There was a time when every university and college campus system in the US and many other countries had Informix available and professors used it in class examples. There has to be a return to that.
IBM should be giving freebees to universities and colleges worldwide and offering course formulation help and installation help for CS courses related to RDBMS and ORDBMS subjects.
Explain the new position of Informix inside Information Management more clearly. It has to be obvious to everybody that there are two emancipated databaseservers inside Information Mangement, Informix and DB2.
03-Feb-2006 anonymous 20-Oct-2006
The positon and target markets of the individual IBM data servers should have been explained by IBM at the IOD conference in Anaheim. Hopefully the presentations will soon be available for public viewing.
Give Informix it's own logo, deeply blue. Show it on the website and on all sales materials.
03-Feb-2006 anonymous
Announce new project-wins based on Informix technology on the website and thru the press. Emphasize especially on the features that won the project. Show everybody that Informix is alive, well doing and the basis for interesting new projects.
02-Feb-2006 anonymous 20-Oct-2006
There are now a few, new press releases out that describe new project wins. Take a look at the IIUG Informix News.
Support the Informix minded technical people working directly with ids at the customer sites more seriously. Give them incentives like free trainings, early access to new releases, sponsored visits at the lab. They are germ cells inside the customer, being able to further disperse the use of Informix.
01-Feb-2006 anonymous
Promote the replication features of the databaseserver more abrasively, especially enterprise replication. The performance of ER is unequaled. Animate software houses to build new applications on top of this great technology.
01-Feb-2006 anonymous 20-Oct-2006
The next release of IDS (Codename Cheetah) will further enhance the outstanding replication features, check an early press release about Cheetah.
Develop some self study courses for IDS and distribute them for free. The problem determination tutorials are a good start, but something related to application development might be more helpful.
31-Jan-2006 20-Oct-2006
The IDS problem determinations are no longer availabe at the IBM website. Where have they gone ??
Bring the IDS and DB2 certification exams on par. It doesn't make sense that you need to score 79% for IDS and only 61% for DB2.
31-Jan-2006 21-Oct-2006
There is a new IDS 10 certification exam out, see IDS 10 Certification Exam 917. You 'only' need to earn 61% to successfully complete the exam.
Distribute all datablades under an open source license. This will generate some attention in the market and make Informix more visible. Encourage and support business partners in building additional blades.
I'd like to see the spatial capabilities of Informix more tightly coupled and marketed with IDS. Not only is IDS the leader in OLTP, it also has high performance GIS capabilities; meet the Informix Spatial and Geodetic Datablades. The spatial (and other datablades) can be downloaded and used for free; I'd say that is worth some serious marketing hype.

[1] sap support for informix and no lame excuses.
[2] publish descent benchmarks for IDS and even for XPS!!
[3] kick out all references to db2 on informix pages. This act as a red piece of cotton in front of an angry bull
30-Jan-2006 03-Mar-2006
[2] A new BAAN benchmark result has been published. This is great news. However it would be advisable to mention the competition database in the PDF document in order to see against whom IDS performed better. A press notice would also be helpful..
[3] The references or at least the "DB2 Information Management Graphic" have been removed from the IBM/Informix Website.
[3] Unfortunately the DB2 graphic is still existing on these pages:
Informix DeveloperWorks
Informix Support
[3] The DB2 graphic is still existing on this page:
Informix DeveloperWorks
[3] The DB2 graphic has been removed from
Informix DeveloperWorks -:)
Informix needs its own color on the IBM web site. It needs to be a product of its own, not under the umbrella of DB2 or 'Information Management'. DB2 should be its own product, as it already is. I would suggest a dark navy color similar to the original Informix color as the 'Informix color'. When you visit the IBM site, you should see the new Informix-colored box just like you see the green DB2, the yellow Lotus, the red Tivoli, and the purple WebSphere.
This positions Informix as a separate product, a peer product, just as if we go back to the argument about car manufacturers--and I'm supporting the clown's arguments as well as everyone elses. This is consistent with what they insisted on, that you can sell peer products owned by one manufacturer.
28-Jan-2006 DoubleEcho
Redbrick and other U2 type databases should also be moved away from Informix brand. They were purchased by Informix, and have little in common with IDS or XPS. They too need a life of their own. Most IDS users and customers will never touch this product or even understand its use. It is a niche product that also deserves a chance to develop its own market. By keeping it close to Informix it adulterates the Informix brand, and again, it causes confusion.
28-Jan-2006 DoubleEcho
Developer programs. Again, move the handful of Informix developer programs over to a Informix-only developer website and programs. Make sure there are trade-press announcements for developer programs. Make sure ALL the Informix engines are available for download, and take off the crippling timeouts and any other thing that makes it not suitable for production. Today DB2 is good to go from download to production, Informix products should have the same track.
When you offer the downloads, make the download area easy to find, and set it up under platform types. This will help technology people find patches, and other products easier. Put the products under platform, and bundle the necessary components as suites, to make sure when you download the server you find the other pieces for the client, etc. Today products are separated by product-type, all the servers in one area, etc. This is tedious and time consuming to have to hunt for everything. And makes it easy to miss something. I shouldn't have to hunt for all the pieces for a Linux machine, or an HP/UX machine, these should be under their own platform.
28-Jan-2006 DoubleEcho
Trade press and other communications should emphasize autonomy of the Informix brand. To be sure we don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water, the advancements to both products via technology sharing are a good thing, but each product should not be held back because one does something better than the other. Let the market decide what they want. Announcements should come ad hoc, infrequently and with competitive energy.
28-Jan-2006 DoubleEcho
Marketing program. There should be real marketing, and real advertising of the Informix brand in trade press and other optimized methods to get the Informix brand out there. In the grand scheme of things IBM gets yet another REAL channel of their name brand ownership out there. It's owned by IBM, but it has a life of its own. Developers and the SMB space should have direct access to products, there needs to be incentives to using the product as a developer, and this will move the product into the widest audience for maximum product exposure. Developers are the first audience to go after, not the last. They will help you inside to get the product into the corporate space. Also start selling Informix pens, pencils, t-shirts, coffee-cups, and make these items promotional give-aways as incentives in developer programs.
28-Jan-2006 DoubleEcho
Continue the efforts by the dedicated people who are on the road to make the product more visible. Get David some help and visibility on the FAQ. :-)
28-Jan-2006 DoubleEcho
Dare I say, take the money away from the IIUG. If you're going to have end-user advocacy, then make sure it is represented honestly. The IIUG is too close to IBM, funded by IBM, and no longer is a voice for Informix users. If you need money, sell memberships and sponsorships, but keep your voice honest, and support the end-user first, not the vendor. Hold an eBay auction and make your way honest. I realize that having an IBM insider linked to your user advocacy is important but it adulterates your autonomy, and your ability to speak your mind. Let's get the IIUG back to real advocacy and real autonomy. Either do that or rename it to IBM Informix User Group, making it clear it is sponsored by IBM.
28-Jan-2006 DoubleEcho
Fix the website asap and remove the "DB2" in front of the "DB2 Information Management Graphic".
28-Jan-2006 03-Mar-2006
The website is fixed and the "DB2 Information Management Graphic" has been removed.
Unfortunately the DB2 graphic is still existing on these pages:
Informix DeveloperWorks
Informix Support
The DB2 graphic is still existing on this page:
Informix DeveloperWorks
Make the same offer for IDS Express as already done for DB2 Express. Freely downloadable for production use with the same constraints as DB2 Express.
And don't forget to tell the press about this new offer.
28-Jan-2006 20-Oct-2006
The IIUG does now offer a free IDS edition with no time bomb thru their member area. Downloads for AIX, HP/UX, Solaris, Linux an Windows are available. Membership in the IIUG is free of charge.
Publish a (hopefully excellent) TPC-C benchmark result because IDS is the preferred data server for OLTP environments.
Speak with SAP and convince them to further support IDS with their NetWeaver platform. Show them the TPC-C benchmark results if already done.
Let everybody (including press and analysts) hear an encouraging statement about Informix from the general manager of IBM Information Management.
27-Jan-2006 03-Mar-2006
The latest IIUG Newsletter contains a positive statement from Ambuj Goyal about Informix. However it is only limited to the eyes of the Informix community. This statement should be published on the official IBM/Informix Website and also being communicated to press and analysts.
The official letter from Ambuj Goyal regarding the strategic position of Informix@IBM has been published on the IBM website, check
Early press releases about the next IDS Version (Codename Cheetah) have been published:
IBM to Unleash Cheetah
IBM previews Cheetah IDS "Cheetah" Data Server
Speak with Oracle and make sure that the Peoplesoft application software will support IDS 10. 27-Jan-2006 03-Mar-2006 (Update from Darren Jacobs)
Oracle/Peoplesoft is not going to certify any Tools version for IDS 10 that is currently available. However, there has been no determination in certifying Tools version 8.49. The reason that no earlier version is going to be certified is that all the development efforts for previous versions have completed. Since 8.49 is still in the development phases, if enough interest (we are still hoping IBM will assist), they may work towards a IDS 10 w/Tools 8.49. I strongly believe IBM could jump in and help here.